Welcome to "Ganet El Zohor Co for trade"

"The best importer and exporter in Egypt"

We are exporters of a large amounts of a lot of agriculture and industrial products in Egypt (fruit & vegetables, flowers,  and else….) 

Looking for Importers with experience to import  

Hopefully continuing for many years to come

The activities of this company include (import and export of vegetables, fruits ornamental plants and flowers  and else……)                                  

Our company follows the latest farming methods, and it has a large storehouse equipped with refrigerators for packing and storing vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants under the supervision of highly qualified group of specialists in the field of agriculture."

We produce a wide variety of flowers; specially; chrysanthemum, Tuberose, Gladiolus, Solidago, Blade roses, Deko, Spider, gypsofila, pink, Bird of Paradise, William, Rose, Gerbera and ornamental plants of whatever kind. 

Among our products also for example but are not limited to be:                                

Vegetables and fruits Egyptian blade orange, navel orange, garlic, lemon, onion, green peas, potatoes, cucumber, bananas, apples, mandarin, kidney beans, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, apple olives, Picual olives, azizi liquid olives, menzil olives, onions(dolsy- asi – agizi – shamlali) , currant leaves, baladi grape leaves, artichoke, green onions, leek, green shallots, lettuce, zucchini, serrated lettuce, bitter lettuce, red lettuce, Capucci,  baladi cabbage, carrot without taproots, salad cabbage, red cabbage, Brussels, celery, red carrots, kidney beans, baladi eggplant, baby eggplant, white eggplant, baladi pepper, colored pepper (yellow - red), mallow, greenhouse cucumber, baladi cucumber, okra, peas, spinach,taro,sweetpotato,garlic,andbeet                                                                                fruits :William banana, Moroccan banana, domestic bananas, Pico banana, upper Egyptian banana, Balalaika banana, cenary banana, baladi orange, sweet orange, navel orange, summer orange, bitter orange, mandarin, kumquat, grapefruit,  sweet lemon, domestic lemon, pompon lemon, yellow currant, red currant, kermes grapes, red Romanian grapes, bez El Anza grapes, black grapes, small domestic apple, Zaghloul dates, large domestic apple, fons mango, fus mango, dabsha mango, mango sadika, golk mango, sweet mango, calf's eggs mango, senara mango,  tommy mango, fagri Kalan mango, Naoumi mango, watermelon - coconut – domestic peach, domestic nectarine, sweet plums, loquat - Ammar apricot - Souissi apricot – Fayoumi apricot, desert apricot, hard pear.

The company import all nutrients and foods to all countries in all over the world for example but is not limited to "oil, sugar, pasta and other foods.                          Ganet El Zohor guarantees the safety of the product until arrival at the port of destination in your country in good condition"

We ship cargos directly from the farm to airport by refrigerator trucks. "                          Our company has a highly qualified staff of (20) persons comprising specialist, engineers, technicians, administrators and accountants holders of university degrees between PhD, Master and Bachelor from distinctive and prestigious universities of Egypt that allows them to carry out works

We ready to Export to all over the world

"The Company's Object 

The company seeks to achieve annual growth in revenues by 25% each year over the next five years through expanding the scope of participation in the works carried out by the company to include a big investment company"

Future Vision 

Ganet El Zohor Company for trade developed an ambitious business plan focusing on the company's potential rather than gradual improvement of the company's current status. "

1-Ranking top position among export&import  companies in both public and private sectors in Egypt by implementation of import and export works referred to the company by competition as well as the quick implementation of import and export works for the benefit of other employers according to quality specifications.

2-Introduction of modern systems and processes to ensure quality, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Indeed, Ganet El Zohor Co for trade is the lowest in prices and fastest in providing



services in Egypt.

The most important achievements of the company:

THE COMPANY HAS CERTIFICATION (ISO9001:2015)EXPORTING of agricultureal products




Welcome to Ganet Elzohor for trade

the best construction company in Egypt



  We already exported to alot of countries in all over the world .

Taiwan / Pakistan / Morocco / Bahrain / Brazil / Bangladesh / Saudi Arabia / Iraq / Benin / Lebanon / Gabon / Turkey / Jordan / Ukraine / India / Russian Federation /Maldives / Germany

Ganet Elzohor Co for trade developed an ambitious business plan focusing on the companys potential.

the company seeks to achieve annual growth in revenues by 25% each year over the next five years 

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